The Stroud Jordan award is named for the late Dr. Stroud Jordan, a pioneer candy technologist. The award recognizes outstanding contributions by an individual to the field of confectionery technology. It is awarded at the annual AACT National Technical Seminar. Nominations are now accepted on a rolling basis, with the cutoff for the current year’s award on July 15.


Dr. Stroud Jordan, M.S., Ph.D., had a history in chemistry with a focus and emphasis in the confectionery industry. He was an exceptional scholar, educator, researcher and author. Some of his major publications included:

  • Confectionery Problems, National Confectioners’ Association (1930)
  • Confectionery Standards, Applied Sugar Laboratories, Inc (1933)
  • Chocolate Evaluation (Confectionery Studies), Applied Sugar Laboratories, Inc. (1934)
  • Confectionery Analysis and Composition, The Manufacturing Confectioner, (1946)

In 1947, as a scholar, research pioneer and the outstanding authority on sugar, he was invited to speak at the first Pennsylvania Manufacturing Confectioners Association (PMCA) conference. Dr. Jordan was the very first speaker at this first confectionery industry conference. His presentation was titled “Sugar Grades and Their Usage.” And from the proceedings of the first conference it was described that “(He) was asked some questions regarding the different sizes of crystals in the various grades of granulated sugar which he explained in his usual brilliant manner. The discussion period was enjoyed by all in attendance.”

He personally helped lay the foundation, provide the tone and set the standards for technical research for the confectionery industry. He, along with Hans Dresel and other candy technologists, laid the foundation for the American Association of Candy Technologists (AACT).

In his honor, we now have the Stroud Jordan Award to recognize individuals who have provided exceptional and outstanding service to the confectionery industry.