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Chocolate: Mexico's Living Legacy By Elaine Gonzalez (2007)     
The Fudge Factor: The Mind of a Candy Engineer By Richard W. Hartel (2007)     
Dairy Pricing for the Confectionery Industry By Tim Galloway (2007)     
The Confectionery Market in China By Donald Mu (2007)     
Hard Candy 101 By John Kitt (2007)     
Fundamentals of Extrusion By Hermann-Otto Vongeheur (2007)     
Bar Extrusion By Peter Koch (2007)     
Taste Perception Past and Present By Steve Leusner (2007)     
Regulatory Update: Food Safety By Alison Bodor (2007)     
Twin-Screw Extrusion By Anne-Sophie Le Corre and Alain Brisset (2007)     
Almond Pasteurzation By Rainer Perren (2007)     
Dietary Fiber for Confections By L. Steven Young (2007)     
Behind the Scenes in the Lab By Carolyn J. Flint (2007)     

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